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Read about the Armstrong name, motto and tartan. Buy products and accessories in your tartan and family crest.


Tartan Illustrated: Armstrong Modern

Motto: 'I Remain Unvanquished'

The Armstrong name has a legendary origin in traditional oral history and folklore, in that it is said their heroic progenitor, Fairbairn, the standard-bearer and squire to the King of Scotland, saved his master in battle, and not from a wild beast as is the case with another Border Clan - the Turnbulls. 

It is said that he lifted the King , who was dressed in full armour, onto his own horse with one arm after the King's horse had been killed under him in battle. 

The family crest, an upraised and embowed arm with a grasping hand, records this act of heroism that was said to have been rewarded with a heritable title (Sir Strong Arm, Anglicised to Armstrong) and a grant of lands in the Borders region.

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