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Boy's Kilt

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  • Boy's Kilt: £145

Product Description

A boy's kilt using 10oz light-weight cloth, this weight being ideal for youths and boys but still gives a traditional 'swing'.  

Choose from hundreds of tartans from the finest mills in Scotland. The cloth is then machine stitched and hand finished into a beautiful kilt by our highly experienced kilt makers.

Boys' kilts also come with a 2" (5cm) hem, which leaves some room for growth. We would recommend a 2" Rise measurement for boys' kilts.

Take Your Measurements

Don't panic, measuring could not be simpler. Get a tape measure and an assistant, and empty your pockets of everything.

  1. Measurement 1, Waist: Stand straight and ask your assistant to run the tape measure around your waist at your belly button. The tape should be comfortably tight.
  2. Measurement 2, Seat / Hips: Take a measurement around the fullest part of your hips.
  3. Measurement 3, Kilt Length: Kneel on the floor and make sure you are upright, ask your assistant to measure from your tummy button to the floor.
    As a guide your kilt length should be approximately 1/3 of your height.
  4. Measurement 4, Kilt Rise: The rise forms the waistband of the kilt and is normally 2" (5.1cm) but you may want a higher rise of 3" (7.6cm) if you have a wider belt. (All the belts we sell are 2 inches wide)

If in any doubt please just or call us on 0131-538 1123 and we'll help.


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