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Read about the Douglas name, motto and tartan. Buy products and accessories in your tartan and family crest.


Tartan Illustrated: Douglas Modern

Motto: 1

'Never Behind'

Clan Douglas is an ancient Scottish kindred from the Scottish Lowlands taking its name from Douglas, South Lanarkshire, and thence spreading through the Scottish Borderland, Angus, Lothian and beyond. The clan does not currently have a chief, therefore it is considered an armigerous clan.

The Douglases were once the most powerful family in Scotland. The powerful Douglas chiefs held the titles of the Earl of Douglas (Black Douglas), Earl of Angus (Red Douglas) and at one point the Earl of Morton.

Many Douglases married into Scottish and other European royal and noble houses, thereby ensuring Douglas power within Scotland, as a result of their accumulated wealth.

The family's original seat was Douglas Castle in Lanarkshire, but they spread to many properties throughout Scotland.

There are many members of the Douglas Clan buried throughout the world, such as the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Pres in Paris, and at Melrose Abbey. Perhaps most notable of all is at St Bride's Kirk in Douglas. Dedicated to St Bride, the patron saint of the Douglas, it holds the mausolea of many distinguished Douglases, including that of the Good Sir James Douglas.

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