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Read about the Grant name, motto and tartan. Buy products and accessories in your tartan and family crest.


Tartan Illustrated: Grant Modern

Motto: 'Standfast'

The Grants are one of the clans of Siol Alpin, and descend from the 9th century Kenneth MacAlpin, King of Scots; and also of Norse origin, from settlers who are the descents of Haakon inn Riki Sigurdarsson , Jarl of Hladr, Protector of Norway (Hakon Sigurdsson c. 937 – 995), sometimes known as "the Great ", who was the de-facto ruler of Norway from about 975 to 995.

The first recorded Grant was Sir Laurence le Grant who was Sherriff of Inverness in 1260. His son, John Grant, was captured by the English during the Wars of Scottish Independence. Members of Clan Grant have owned land in Strathspey at least since 1316; prior to that, most likely in Stratherrick, to the east of Loch Ness. 

In 1316, John Grant of Inverallan sold his land to John le Grant, who was father of Patrick le Grant, Lord of Stratherrick. The clan's lands in Stratherrick would later come to be controlled by Clan Fraser.

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