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Read about the Home name, motto and tartan. Buy products and accessories in your tartan and family crest.


Tartan Illustrated: Home Modern

Motto: 'A Home A Home A Home'

The origins of the clan are a matter of historical debate. Some sources maintain that William of Home (alive 1214) was son of Patrick, son of Gospatric II, Earl of Lothian. The Scots Peerage conversely indicates that this William, was the son of John de Home, son of Aldan de Home (alive 1172).

In 1266 a William de Home is recorded at Coldstream Monastery with grants of land. Geoffrey de Home's name is on the Ragman Roll as submitting to King Edward I Of England. However, surviving records do not clarify the relationship of these individuals. The confirmed ancestry of the Homes starts with Sir John Home of Home. His son, Sir Thomas Home of that Ilk (alive 1385), married Nichola Pepdie, heiress of the Dunglass lands.

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