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Read about the Johnstone name, motto and tartan. Buy products and accessories in your tartan and family crest.


Tartan Illustrated: Johnstone Modern

Motto: 'Never Unprepared'

Johnstone comes from "John's toun", not "John's stone" or "John's son". Historically, "Johnston" has been an alternate spelling of the surname. The first known person of this name was John of Johnstone, who in 1174 gave his name to the lands of Annandale in Dumfrieshire which he had been granted. His son, called Gilbert Johnstone ("Gillibertus de Johnistoun") appears on records between 1194–1214 and onwards, presumably taking his surname from the town his father had established - "Johnstone" or "John's toun".

Gilbert's Grandson called Sir John Johnstone was a Knight of the county of Dumfries. Sir John Johnstone signed the Ragman Roll of King Edward of england in 1296.

At this time Perth was known as St Johnston and Johnstonburn in East Lothian was then called Jonystoun. These two areas have records of the Johnstone Clan. A third area of Johnstones which came from Stephen the Clerk and Margaret the heiress of Sir Andrew Garioch used the family name of John.

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