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Read about the Kincaid name, motto and tartan. Buy products and accessories in your tartan and family crest.


Tartan Illustrated: Kincaid Ancient

Motto: 'This I'll Defend'

The Kincaid surname is of territorial origin being taken from the former lands of Kincaid in the Parish of Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland. It had been thought that the placename is Gaelic in origin with suggested meanings of ceann cĂ idhe, meaning "at the head of the quagmire", ceann cadha, meaning "at the head of the pass," and ceann cath meaning "head of the battle." However, it is now believed that the placename is Celtic in origin. It may have originally been Neo-Brittonic Pen ced. In 1238/9, it appeared in Latin charters in 1238/9 as Kyncaith and soon thereafter took on one of its current form.

The origins of the family is obscure. Kincaids were in Scotland at the time of the Wars of Scottish Independence. In a 1646 birth brieve in the Register of the Great Seal of scotland, it is recorded that the head of the Kincaid family, in the time of King Edward I Of England, was made Constable of Edinburgh Castle for his valiant service in recovering of the Castle of Edinburgh from the English and his posterity carry the castle in their coat of arms in memory of this deed. The family's coat of arms can be seen today, painted on one of the ceiling supports of Edinburgh Castle's armoury.

The earliest mention of a Kincaid is Robert of Kincade who served on an inquest held at Stirling on 2 October 1425 which found Sir John of Halden, knight, heir to the deceased Sir Bernard of Halden, knight, his father, in the 10 merk lands of Kepdowry and Ardas in the sheriffdom of Stirling and earldom of Lennox. He is perhaps the Robert of Kincaide who was noted as squire to the powerful Patrick Lyon, Lord Glamis in a charter dated 12 April 1447.

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