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Tartan Trews and Trousers

So you want to wear tartan? Great. But you’re not sure about actually wearing a kilt? Then worry no more! Wear tartan trousers or wear tartan trews!

Trews? Trousers? What's the difference?

Tartan Trousers are great. They look fabulous and you can wear them anytime and anywhere. And if you’re looking for something to wear to an event, you can wear tartan trousers with aplomb.

And Tartan Trews? Just tartan trousers with a different spelling? Well, no. They’re a different style altogether and are cut differently from regular trousers.

Trews (from the Gaelic truibhas) are military-style trousers. They were adopted by Highland regiments in the 18th and 19th centuries as formal or mess dress uniform. Worn high in the waist, with either a belt or braces (suspenders), depending on your preference.

If you prefer to wear a belt, choose the Argyll option, which has large belt loops for your formal belt, usually a 2" (50mm) wide kilt belt and buckle. If you like to wear braces (suspenders), choose the Fishtail waist, where the rear of the waistband is high and buttoned, ready for your braces. 

We like the fishtail waist, but you can choose either – it’s your choice. You also choose a variety of options like number of back pockets, side adjusters and zip or button fly.

As with a kilt, we’d recommend the short, formal, Prince Charlie coatee and waistcoat. You can of course wear other formal jackets, but the Prince Charlie coatee, a short, dress jacket that’s worn with a high collar and bow tie, is what we’d recommend. Shoes should be black polished leather but, unlike the kilt, you don’t need the ghillie brogue.

We offer two weights of cloth to suit all tastes. The regular tartan trews use 10oz cloth, and is our standard trews. If you prefer a more robust trouser, choose the heavy weight trews. The weight is a purely personal choice and neither weight confers any style meaning.

Trousers and Trews In Your Tartan

With over 500 tartans in modern, ancient, hunting or dress variations, you’re sure to find yours. And if you don’t have a tartan, worry not, as you can choose a district tartan that reflects your name origins. If you're looking for something different, choose trews in an old and rare tartan. There's even a Manx tartan. Or simply wear a tartan you like. Or a common tartan like Hunting Stewart, Caledonian, Scottish National or Jacobite.


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Buy with Confidence

We've satisfied thousands of customers over our 30 years in the business. When you buy your tartan trews, we're confident that you'll be joining them. Any questions? Just call us on 0131-538 1123, or email us or tweet us @weartartan.