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Donaldsons of Scotland Blog

Cummerbunds - Black or Tartan? Cummerbunds - Black or Tartan?

The cummerbund is an elegant sash worn around the waist as part of a black tie attire. It is usually black but can be worn in a contrasting colour or in a tartan. Origin Cummerbund is an old Persian word combining ‘kamar’ (waist) and ‘bund’ (closed) and was worn by men in India and Afghanistan a ... Read more

Origins and Tartans of Barclay Origins and Tartans of Barclay

Barclay  Aut agere aut mori (Either Action or Death) There are two competing views of where the Barclays of Scotland originated. Historians and genealogists often point to Berkeley in Gloucestershire as their origin. But another theory, supported by historian, GWS Barrow, points to the ... Read more

Wallace Wallace

The name Wallace derives from Wallensis, meaning ‘Welshman’. In Scotland however, this refers not to someone from Wales but to someone from the Britons of Strathclyde, who in the 12th Century, still spoke Welsh. The word or name Wallensis is itself derived from an old Saxon word meaning ‘foreign ... Read more

50 Shades of Tartan 50 Shades of Tartan

Ok, ’50 shades’ is really just to get you curious. But over the last 100 years or so, the introduction of shades into tartan have added to its complexities. In this post, we’re going to explain how shades are the key to understanding today’s tartan descriptions, so that the next time you find your ... Read more