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Tartan Poncho (Tonag) in fine wool

Tartan Poncho (Tonag) in fine wool

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  • Tartan Poncho (Tonag) in fine wool : £89.00

Product Description

The tonag is a beautifully made Scottish poncho, and is available in two sizes:

Tonag Beag (little) 118 x 118 cms (46" x 46")
Tonag Mhor (large) 137 x 137 cms (54" x 54")

The tonag, or guailleachan, was originally a square of tartan fastened close to the neck, and was sometimes worn on top of a shawl. It has now taken the style of a poncho, fashioned like the poncho in a triangular shape with an opening to enable your head to slip through.

The tonag has fringed ends and is available in hundreds of tartans.


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