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Tartan Trousers

Tartan Trousers

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Product Description

Our beautifully tailored hand-made trousers are made with two side pockets and a single back pocket and are half-lined.

Made from 10oz 100% pure new wool tartan and available with a choice of finish in flat-fronted or with pleats, these gorgeous trousers will be an extremely smart addition to your wardrobe.


Delivery time for made-to-measure trousers is 5-6 weeks. However, if you need them in a hurry, please let us know that you need our fastrack option and we will do our best to meet your dates.


You can take measurements from another pair of trousers or follow these steps below.

If you're using an existing pair, use these guidelines to order your trousers. First, fasten the waist and the fly, and lay your trousers on a flat surface.

Waist: Measure the waist then simply double this measurement.

Inside leg: Measure from the crotch to the bottom of the leg

If you don't have trousers to measure, use these guidelines:

Waist: Measure your waist around where your trousers usually sit

Inside Leg: Wearing shoes, measure right from the top of the inner trouser seam (at the crotch, where the two seams meet) down to where the heel meets the sole of the shoe.



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Units of measurement

Enter your waist measurement
Enter your inside leg measurement

Leg Bottom Width (inches)

Waist Adjustment



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