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Tartan Head Scarves

tartan head squareSilk or fine wool? Choose a head scarf from our range and wear your tartan on your head!

Whether you call them head scarves or head squares, these wonderfully practical and useful scarves measure 70cm (that's 28 inches) square and are perfect for any occasion.

The wool headscarves are made from very fine wool and are available in over 500 tartans. Or for a special experience, wear silk around your head. Silk scarves are available in over 70 different tartans.

You're in good company wearing a headscarf. HM Queen Elizabeth 2 is a known wearer. And head coverings have been worn by women for centuries, usually to cover the hair for religious reasons.

A tartan one however lends itself at once to practicality and even a little frivolity, depending on how you wear yours. Tie it under the chin, or underneath the back of your hair. Or narrow it and wear it like a tartan bandana.

Whatever your preference, or however you wear it, you'll feel good in a beautifully made tartan scarf. And remember, you don't need to have a tartan to your name to wear it. Just pick some tartans you like!