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Men’s Tartan And Highland Wear

Dress for the occasion with tartan kilts, trews, waistcoats and our range of tartan accessories.

Choose Highland Wear for beautifully made kilts and trews or trousers. Here you'll also find jackets that will set off your tartan brilliantly, and our super-comfortable ghillie brogue shoes. Or maybe you need a waistcoat, in tartan or smart black for under your jacket.

What kind of sporran will complement your kilt? If you're in a pipe band then there's only one type for you - the horsehair sporran. But what if you're looking for that sporran for that wedding or formal event that's coming up? Choose from a semi-dress or full dress sporran, or if you want something a little more flamboyant, try a real skin sporran in musquash or fox fur. Or for a sporran that you can wear anywhere, a leather day sporran might suit the bill.

We've a great range of highland wear accessories too. Tartan braces and leather belts for your trews and trousers. Tartan scarves in fine wool that mean you can wear tartan at just about any time, and the same goes for our fine wool tartan ties as well. Or try a tartan silk tie for that special occasion. Ties also come in bow styles well of course and we have tartan silk or wool bow ties - pre-tied or self-tie according to your preference and skills!

Included in our accessories are also tartan cummerbunds, where you want to show a little bit of panache with your black tie. And with your kilt, you're going to want to wear a sgian dubh. Which one will you choose? Plain, or with a stone? Or if you have a clan, choose a sgian dubh with a clan crest badge.