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Tartan Cummerbunds

Tartan Cummerbund

Cummerbund is old Persian meaning ‘kamar’ (waist) and ‘bund’ (closed). It was worn by men in India and Afghanistan as a sash around the waist. During the Raj, British Army officers wore it as dining wear as a cooler alternative to waistcoats (vests).

Later, the cummerbund was incorporated into black tie ‘rules’ that guide the wearer in covering the mundane ‘working parts’ of the clothing. Silk or satin cover buttons and trouser seams. So a cummerbund or low-cut waistcoat (but never both!) obscures the waistband to avoid any awkward bunching.

Try it in tartan

If you’re feeling rakish, try contrasting your black tie with a tartan cummerbund. You’ll still achieve that formal style but by sporting your tartan in your cummerbund you’ll have introduced some Scots panache into your appearance!

Pick a fine wool cummerbund in your tartan from our range of over 500. And for that special occasion, wear a beautiful silk cummerbund or match your cummerbund with a tartan silk bow tie. The choice is yours.

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