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Tartan Scarves

Your Tartan Scarf

Would you like a scarf in your tartan? If you wear nothing else in tartan, wear a tartan scarf. Hand made in Scotland by skilled scarf makers, you and your tartan will always look great in a scarf.

Made from pure fine wool tartan, your scarf will complement any outfit and will make you look great.

We've been supplying some of Scotland’s finest tartan products and accessories for over 29 years so you can be sure that your scarf will be perfect.

Hundreds of Tartans

Find and wear your own tartan. There are hundreds of tartans available to choose from. We use over 500 of tartans to make into your own special tartan scarf.

Choose a scarf in your tartan. Or your mum’s tartan. Or any tartan you fancy, for that matter. Just because your name isn't associated with a tartan, doesn't mean you can't wear one. You can.

You can wear a scarf in Scotland National tartan for example. Or you can wear a district tartan, such as Crieff, Nithsdale or Tweedside. Or just wear a tartan that you like!

If you need help, just call us a call on 0131 237 2677, or email us, or tweet us at @weartartan. We’ll check to see if your name is associated with a tartan.

Buy with Confidence

We've satisfied thousands of customers over our 29 years. When you buy your scarf from us, we're confident that you'll be joining them.

Your tartan scarf will be made to order by a skilled scarf maker then sent to us for quality checking. We'll then dispatch it to you. Or you can collect it at our parent company's shop, Daisy Cheynes, in Edinburgh. It's your choice.


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