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Tartan Trews and Trousers

Tailored for you in Scotland and delivered free

  • Beautifully-tailored tartan trews and trousers for you
  • Wide range of options to customise your fit and style
  • Tartan cloth woven and supplied from a Scottish mill
  • Choose from hundreds of tartans
  • Delivered free to your door

So you want to wear tartan? Great. But you’re not sure about actually wearing a kilt? Then worry no more! Wear tartan trousers or wear tartan trews!

Trews? Trousers? What's the difference?

Tartan Trousers are great. They look fabulous and you can wear them anytime and anywhere. And if you’re looking for something to wear to an event, you can wear tartan trousers with aplomb.

And Tartan Trews? Just tartan trousers with a different spelling? Well, no. They’re a different style altogether and are cut differently from regular trousers. Trews (from the Gaelic truibhas) are military-style trousers. Worn high on the waist, with either a belt or braces (suspenders), depending on your preference.

Here's what our customers say

"Perfect service and top quality trews!"

"Quality trews bought. Service/support excellent."

"Very pleased with quality, style and fit."

"Fit well and look great"

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Tartan Trews with Fishtail Waist

tartan trews fishtail waist

Tartan Trews: £195

The waistband is called a 'fishtail' waist and enables you to wear braces (suspenders).

Order the Fishtail Waist

Tartan Trews with
Argyll Waist

tartan trews argyll waist

Tartan Trews: £195

The Argyll belt option provides a deep waistband to enable a traditional kilt belt to be worn.

Order the Argyll Waist