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Men's Kilt Sporran

You've ordered a kilt. It looks great. But there’s nowhere to put your phone, your wallet or your keys. And you don’t want bulges spoiling the line of your beautiful evening jacket.

You need a kilt sporran.

A sporran (from the Gaelic sporan, meaning purse or wallet) sits in front of your kilt, held by a belt of leather and chain around your waist. And what a marvellous thing it is!

Of course, the first sporrans were a simple affair, being a leather pouch tied by a strap to the belt that held the feileadh-mhor, or great kilt, together. But as pockets replaced pouches all over Europe, in Scotland the sporran remained. After all, we still wear kilts. And no one’s yet invented a kilt pocket.

Practical and ornamental

Your sporran is useful and it’s designed to be seen. Some are more ornamental than others, of course, and none more so than the horse hair sporrans worn by the Scottish regiments.

There is the Royal Regiment of Scotland sporran, the Scots Guards sporran, and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards sporran. And of course the horse hair sporrans worn by pipe bands everywhere on the planet.

Types of Sporran

Our sporrans are in grouped into five categories that broadly match their use:

Leather ‘Day’ sporrans for everyday use

Semi-Dress sporrans that combine everyday and dress use

Dress sporrans for weddings and formal occasions

‘Alternative skin’ sporrans – beautiful sporrans made from rabbit, fox and mink furs

Horse hair sporrans for pipe bands and regiments

Buy with Confidence

We've satisfied thousands of customers over our 29 years. When you buy your kilt sporran from us, we're confident that you'll be joining them.

Your sporran will be ordered and sent to us for quality checking. We'll then either dispatch it to you or arrange with you to collect it at our parent company's shop, Daisy Cheynes, in Edinburgh. It's your choice. If you need help, just call us a call on 0131 237 2677, or email us, or tweet us at @weartartan.


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