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Real Skin

Real Skin Sporrans

You’ve ordered a kilt. And you need a sporran. But you'd like to combine the practicality of a leather sporran with, well, something a little more ornamental. Certainly different. Flamboyant even.

You're looking for a real skin sporran.

A real skin sporran (sporran: from the Gaelic sporan, meaning purse or wallet) will sit in front of your kilt, held by a belt of leather and chain around your waist, and make a massive statement!

Standout Practicality

A real animal skin sporran is still as practical as ordinary leather day sporran. It has a flap which you lift to reveal a pouch that will hold your phone, your wallet, your keys and the rest of your stuff.

But it's also designed to be seen! The Persian Lambskin sporran for example is almost as distinctive as a horse hair sporran. It's wild and woolly, with two great contrasting black tassels.

A mink sporran will mark you out as someone who wants luxury in his sporran. Or perhaps a rabbit fur sporran is for you. There are sporrans made from black rabbit fur, white rabbit fur, wild rabbit fur or chinchilla rabbit fur with their big fluffy tassels.

Buy with Confidence

Whatever real skin sporran you choose, you can buy with confidence from Donaldsons. We've satisfied thousands of customers over our 30 years and we're confident that we can satisfy you too.

Your sporran will be ordered and sent to us for quality checking. We'll then either dispatch it to you or arrange with you to collect it at our parent company's shop, Daisy Cheynes, in Edinburgh. It's your choice. If you need help, just call us, email us, or tweet us at @weartartan.


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