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Sashes, Stoles, Serapes and Tonags

Shawl - a square or rectangular piece of cloth worn around the shoulders, usually by women.

Worn all over the world for centuries, the shawl has endured as a favourite for women to keep warm. A cloak-type garment, it is thrown over the shoulders and either held with the hands or fastened with a clasp or brooch.

Over the years the shawl has evolved into various shapes and designs to the forms we have today.

In Scotland, we have the shawl, the stole, the serape, and the tonag or Scottish poncho.You'll find one of these items will suit any occasion or requirement:

SHAWL our shawls are square, 54" x 54" (137cm x 137cm) with fringed ends

SERAPE our serapes, wool and lambswool, are rectangular, and, like shawls, are worn around the shoulders.

TONAG or guailleachan, was originally a square of tartan fastened close to the neck, and sometimes worn on top of a shawl. It has now taken the style of a poncho, slipped over the head, and has fringed ends.

STOLE is like a scarf but broader and longer.

SASH is narrower than a stole and is worn across the chest, from shoulder to opposite waist. Perfect for country dancing.